What I’m doing this week.

Participating in https://covidnearyou.org

Staying healthy by doing my BarMethodSeattle workouts from home. All virtual, all the time, check out a local studio near you, or join one near me if you want to try out a piece of the Pacific Northwest! https://barmethod.com/locations/seattle-lake-union/

Continuing to support local businesses and local and non-local artists. This week, I’m taking an online class with a local artist through Gage Academy in Seattle. Gage is even offering free classes during the week. Check them out if you are looking to build a new art skill. https://www.gageacademy.org/adult-programs/

Supporting local restaurants and eating the best Chicago deep dish and New York style pizza in Seattle.  Seriously, this is the closest to home that we’ve gotten, and it’s not just kind of good, it’s REALLY good.  Had it two days ago, leftovers yesterday and craving it again already.  Thanks to @emeraldpalate for the tip.  We love this place. https://www.johnnymos.com

Practicing “better late than never” by posting this random blog post.  It’s on a fortune from a cookie, and wise advice.  I don’t have this thing all planned out, but maybe I don’t need it to be.  I don’t have the time to run a full time blog right now, so maybe just posting random things is okay for now.  It’s what I can do, and it’s better than sitting on this website for another 5 years and doing nothing with it, so high time we get something started!

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